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01 January 2020

ENOUGH! Islamophobia

UPDATE mid-September 2016: - the book is about to be made a free PDF download,
should be available in a matter of days, this note will then be updated accordingly.

After years of Islamophobia, here is the devastating counter-attack.

My first book - buy it, read it, digest it, USE IT!

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Title: ENOUGH! Islamophobia
International reference number:
ISBN 978-1-4567-7190-4
Should you need the ISBN without hyphens/dashes: 9781456771904

Format: standard 6x9 inch/15x23 cms, paperback, black and white,
412 pages, text only, no illustrations, net weight 575 gms/1lb4oz.

Price: 11.99 GBP (or 19.40 USD or 14.08 EUR - 25 February 2011 rates).
This price is only if purchased directly from the AuthorHouse e-shop -
everywhere else, whether e-shop or physical store, it is 16.99 GBP or equivalent.

BUY HERE ==>> ENOUGH! Islamophobia (AuthorHouse e-shop).

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All inquiries regarding sales should be directed to AuthorHouse as follows:

Book stores please email or call:
0-800-197-4150 ext 5022 or US 1-888-519-5121 ext 5022

Individual customers please email or call:
0-800-197-4150 ext 5023 or US 1-888-519-5121 ext 5023


All inquiries regarding publishing contracts and promotion
(interviews, personal appearances etc)
should be directed to


The book is self-published and produced using the print-on-demand
method and the above link (red arrow) takes you to the book's page in
the AuthorHouse e-shop, which is the cheapest way to buy.
Or you can buy through Amazon (see links above) and you should also be
able to order it through your local high-street bookstore wherever you live.

For the time being ENOUGH! will only be offered as a printed book,
other options are being considered.


Several excerpts can either be selected below individually, or you can
scroll down and select label "ENOUGH" which will then present all
excerpts in one sequential stream, a total of more than 60 pages:

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