26 February 2011

ENOUGH! Foreword


Writing this book has been one of those rare occasions where you
achieve much more than you planned or hoped for when you set
out, and although the project spread, and kept spreading, way
beyond what was initially anticipated and therefore took a lot
longer to complete than expected, it means that all the time
invested was very well spent.
Al-hamdu-lillah! (=the praise belongs to God).

The DID YOU KNOW section demonstrates in a condensed format
what these 2 studies answer-expose-prove-reveal but let us just
take a brief look at some of the more startling findings:

> that Muslims are right in claiming that the scriptures of both
the Jews and the Christians are corrupted, and the importance is
that we have proven it again and again, not based on personal
wishful thinking or rumours and gossip but using method and
logic, so we have established beyond any doubt that the well-
known Islamic claims are actually and factually true.

> that more than 90 percent of those classified as "Jews" today
are in fact neither Semitic nor Hebrew, as not from the line of
Abraham-Isaac-Jacob, and therefore not Jewish, meaning that the
total current world population of real Jews is not the generally
quoted 13 to 15 million, or 0.2 percent of humanity, but only
somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million, or 0.02 percent of us.
Will the world please take note and start acting accordingly NOW.

> that all Arabs are not only Semitic, which we knew already,
but also Hebrew, probably as difficult to comprehend and accept
for the reader as for the writer, but the evidence is clear so the
conclusion is inevitable and indisputable.

> that Ishmael, first-born son of Abraham, and not Isaac, is the
rightful heir to The Promised Land. Some of us have suspected
this all along but now it is out in the open for all to see and
understand, assuming you want to, for although the argument
is very long and built up from more than 10 chapters of Genesis,
it is wonderfully simple.

> that Judaism explicitly forbids humans re-establishing Israel.
We found no less than 84 verses in the Five Books of Moses which
all tell the same story, and not one single verse contradicting it.
The consequences are clear: Zionist colonisers OUT of Palestine.

> that the commonly heard phrase "an Israel stretching from
the Nile to the Euphrates" is not only directly contradicted by
the Law of Moses but on more than one occasion indirectly made
impossible, laughable and hallucinatory.

> that the Law of Moses makes it clear that goyim (=non-Jews,
foreigners) exist only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated
as Judaism sees fit.

> that Judaism commands the Jews NOT to make peace with
either the people of neighbouring countries or with the
foreigners living in The Promised Land.

> that Judaism commands that other religions are not only
overthrown and repressed but completely eradicated.

> that Judaism commands holy war, ethnic cleansing, genocide,
all to be achieved through holocausts resulting in the total
annihilation of the goyim, including obliterating anything which
might remind the world that the vanquished people ever existed.

> that Judaism commands human sacrifice, to the God of Israel
Yahweh, who thereby indisputably is revealed to be the Jewish
equivalent of the Canaanite's Moloch, who is repeatedly and
absolutely condemned in the Law of Moses not only as a horrible
monster but also as a false god. It takes one to know one...
You may have to read that again, and slowly, but it is a sad
and dreadful undeniable fact of Judaism, until now generally
regarded as a dignified and noble religion. But truth will out.

> that Judaism as defined by the Law of Moses is entirely void
of spirituality. How, then, can it still be called a religion?

> that according to the Law of Moses, wholeheartedly endorsed
by Jesus on more than one occasion, the Jews were quite right to
condemn Jesus to death (for blasphemy).

> that, by endorsing the entire Law of Moses, it follows that Jesus
approves of: human sacrifice, genocide, ethnic cleansing, stoning
homosexuals and many others to death, eradicating competing
cultures and religions, the welfare of his own group to the
exclusion of all others etc. The Pope never told us any of this.

> that Jesus forfeits his own right to eternal life, for he states
that in order to have eternal life we must obey the Law of Moses,
which he breaks himself repeatedly. Most amusing.

> that Holy Communion, the new ritual invented by Jesus,
violates the Law of Moses by ordering his followers to drink his
blood, which is repeatedly and absolutely outlawed in Judaism,
so participating in this revolting cannibalistic and Satanic ritual
would therefore be punishable by death. Most hilarious.

> that, although denied by Muslims, Jesus DOES claim to be the
son of God for we found no less than 31 verses in the 4 Gospels
that confirm it, and there are many more waiting to be listed.

> that Jesus was a radical extremist, steadfastly going out of his
way to ridicule and lecture the leading teachers and clerics of the
time, in his own ultra-provocative know-all manner.

> that Jesus was a sorcerer using black (=evil) magic, was a
pyromaniac, a megalomaniac, merciless and arrogant, a serial
blasphemer, he came to bring trouble and not peace, and wishes
to watch his enemies being killed.
Why have Christians down the ages never told us about all this?

> that Jesus wishes you a horrible death for no other reason than
rejecting his message, namely that you may perish in a holocaust
worse than the one inflicted upon Sodom and Gomorrah.
So much for the Prince of Peace. Lies, all lies.

> that there is no evidence to support the universally accepted
claim and belief that Jesus was from the family of David.
Surprisingly, only 2 of the 4 Gospels address the issue at all and,
while at first glance the family lines presented look both thorough
and impressive, when closely examined and analysed they turn
out to be not only wildly out of synchronisation but mutually
exclusive, with catastrophic results.

> that Jesus as presented in the 4 Gospels was a shameless
impostor and a false prophet, comically one of the many that
he himself warned us about. It takes one to know one...

> that, contrary to common misconceptions, Jesus was sent ONLY
to the Jews, as repeatedly stated both by Jesus himself and by
arch-angel Gabriel (=Jibreel), a major and very pleasant surprise,
indeed, we now consider this fact to be the Good News itself.
All Christians, please take note and stop proselytising to all non-
Jews, meaning 99.98 percent of humanity, and IMMEDIATELY.
Clearly Christianity is counterfeit goods and has for 2000 years
been knowingly marketed under a false declaration on content
and ingredients. Is there a world-wide money back guarantee?

Already after these few samples we are hopefully all agreed that
it must be both reasonable and appropriate to ask Jews and
Christians the following question:
Have you honestly never noticed any of the clear discrepancies or
obvious contradictions, or any of the horrible and barbaric aspects
of your faith that we reveal here and bring to the world's
Whether you knew but said nothing, or you were too lazy or
afraid to examine your own faith, so blissfully unaware - it does
not really matter which group you fall into: if you still criticised
and demonised Islam and Muslims, you should be thoroughly
ashamed of yourselves, pray for forgiveness every day and
seek rehabilitation.
Now that at last it has all been brought to your notice, and in
plain language, you cannot plead ignorance any longer.
The logical and decent course of action would therefore be to
repent and reform.

Maybe above everything else, we demonstrate what we claim
right at the beginning, namely that, compared with the holy
books and the prophets of Judaism and Christianity, clearly Islam
and Muslims and the Quran and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have
NOTHING to apologise for.
Will the world please take note and start acting accordingly NOW.

We remind all Islamophobes, whether they are ultra-orthodox
Jews or arch-Zionists or Christian Evangelicals or neo-Crusaders,
that if they do not like the contents of this book, and find us one
who will, they should not howl and squeal in protest but look in
the mirror, for their own devious and despicable behaviour is
entirely to blame, in other words: this devastating review of
Judaism and Christianity could have been avoided.
But Islamophobes asked for it, indeed they begged, insistently -
so here it is...

Peace to the world,
Copenhagen, January 2011


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