25 February 2011

ENOUGH! Introduction

After years of Islamophobia,
here is the devastating counter-attack:

ENOUGH! Islamophobia



Combined these 2 studies present a devastating picture of
Judaism and Christianity, and thereby of the Judeo-Christian
"values" that Western civilisation is based upon.
From their behaviour, both separately and collectively, it is clear
that the Jews and the Christians are in a state of complete denial
as regards even the possibility of any imperfections in their own
systems of belief and conduct, so tirelessly point angry fingers of
blame at Islam and Muslims in a breathless and hateful chorus of
Whenever unfairly attacked, as clearly is the case here, we have
every right and every reason to defend ourselves.
This is the counter-attack.

The studies will win no friends and admirers among Jews and
Christians and Islamophobes, but instead of ranting and raving
they should rectify their behaviour, for they have only themselves
to blame: although I have long been interested in all the major
scriptures and have browsed them for many years, Islamophobia
was the direct catalyst for doing these detailed studies at all, or at
least doing them now, as a matter of urgency, and the driving
force behind them was the same enraged sense of justice which
in the last few years has driven most of the 116 poems totalling
16,500 lines (December 2010) which can be read on my website
The purpose of these studies is not to ridicule, provoke, and
shock, sadly the main forms of expression chosen by many
Islamophobes, but to correct misapprehensions and inform,
as part of my non-violent jihad in support of Islam.

Let me stress right away that I am not a scholar, not an
academic, so these are not learned treatises on the finer points of
this or that, no thesis for a phd, nor an expression of any formal
Islamic position generally or on any particular issue - I leave that
for the experts. The studies are simply my own thoughts and
musings on Judaism and Christianity after a thorough reading of
the Old and New Testaments (OT and NT throughout).
Some may find the language sometimes too harsh or maybe too
disrespectful but, compared with that of the leading and most
vocal Islamophobes, it is indisputably restrained.
Anyone who disagrees with me on any specific point is welcome
to try to refute what I say, naturally staying within the limits of
However, the strongest arguments put forward here
are not my comments but the actual OT and NT quotes
themselves, which nobody can refute.

Even without any elaborations, those quotes collectively are a
terrible indictment of Judaism and Christianity, and ought to force
a complete rethink of what those faiths are and stand for, as well
as a serious public debate on whether such brutally intolerant
systems of thought should be allowed to operate freely in a
civilised world.

These 2 studies are also a warning to the world about the clear
and present danger posed by Judaism in the form of International
Zionism, for the first thing to understand about the current witch
hunt against all things Islamic and Muslim is that it is totally
artificial and engineered, and it is only happening because
International Zionism, also known as the New World Order, wants
it to happen, as one more step in its long slow march to world
Whatever acts of terrorism the Muslim world may carry out
against targets in, or of, the Christian West do not arise out of a
vacuum but are natural, entirely predictable and above all normal
healthy human RE-actions to the atrocities perpetrated against it
by the Christian West and its Zionist masters for about a century
now, and as such are both perfectly understandable and richly
deserved, just as popular resistance movements like Hizbollah
and Hamas are the direct and inevitable consequences of Israel's
illegal and barbaric policies for decades.

Reduced to one sound bite it could all be stated as follows:

Alternatively, for the technically minded, Newton's Third Law
of Motion (1687, still valid) states bluntly:
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As a fairly recent convert to Islam, it is intolerable for me to
witness the constant demonising of Islam and Muslims, in
particular the despicable and outrageous demagoguery of the
major and well-known Islamophobes, both individuals and
groups, such as, in random order:
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Pia Kjaersgaard (founder/leader
of the far-right Danish People's Party), Salman Rushdie, Ibn
Warraq, Bat Yeor, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson,
neo-Conservatives, Zionists, every televangelist and every
Christian Zionist.
I would be willing to debate any of them, or all of them at once.

Some of the above have seriously suggested that much of the
Quran should be torn out or rewritten, or the entire book should
be banned, as it allegedly encourages violence against non-
Muslims in general and Jews in particular, that it prescribes, and
therefore justifies, hostility towards women, that it is generally
barbaric etc etc.
And they have the audacity to call good and decent Islamists
"Islamo-Fascists" and their view of the world "Islamo-Fascism".

Is George W Bush a Muslim? Tony Blair? Their predecessors or
successors? Anders Fogh Rasmussen (former Danish PM of
cartoon-row "fame" and now, incredibly, NATO general secretary),
and all the other democratically elected "leaders" who, based on
packs of obscene lies, ordered their armed forces to join the
illegal and barbaric invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and
Iraq? And who have been concocting all sorts of devious schemes
such as extraordinary rendition in order to circumvent both noble
international conventions governing decent and civilised behaviour,
and also their own national constitutions, - or have covertly taken
part in such schemes, or at least silently and passively have let it all
happen right under their noses, when civilised people would immediately
have cried foul and brought it all to the world's attention.
Those mentioned above are all Christians of course, yet nobody
calls their behaviour Christo-Fascism. WHY NOT?

Have the members of successive Israeli governments been
Muslims? Israel was indisputably created through terrorism of
the most deceitful and barbaric kinds imaginable (during al-Nakba
(=the catastrophe) 1948-49 the Zionist colonisers ethnically
cleansed Palestine of 750,000, or just over half its indigenous
Arab population, 34 documented massacres, 500 villages
eradicated, wells poisoned etc etc), and Israel has indisputably
been maintained ever since through devious and brutal state
Almost everything that Israel does in relation to its neighbours,
and much of what it does to its own Arab citizens, comprising
almost one fifth of its population and rising, is quite simply
illegal according to dignified international law.
The tragedy is that the oh-so-civilised world and that mythical
"international community" does not demand and force Israel to
comply with those conventions and laws.
But unless forced to do so, why should a violent criminal change
his ways of a lifetime? Unless forced to do so, why should a
common thief even consider returning his stolen goods?
Israel's rulers are all Jews of course, yet nobody calls their
behaviour Judeo-Fascism. WHY NOT?

We see a truly devious and benighted mindset at work today:
just mention national security or accuse some Muslim of being a
terrorist or fundamentalist or radical or extremist, and the Israel-
West-New-World-Order-Coalition-of-the-Killing: the true AXIS of
EVIL, feels justified in doing to other people what Yahweh
commands Moses to do, and what Jesus wishes to do to anyone
rejecting his message: smashing infrastructure and blowing men,
women and children to bits in one holocaust after another, and
doing it today from Gaza and Lebanon to Iraq and Somalia and
Yemen to Chechnya and Afghanistan and Pakistan.
A world claiming to be a civilised place, or having any aspirations
of ever becoming one, would have forcibly stopped such barbaric
behaviour a long time ago.

Remember, the catalyst for the continuing feast of destruction
and death known as The War on Terror was 11 September 2001,
that "new Pearl Harbor" that the American Zionists and neo-
Conservatives had openly and shamelessly longed for, as such
an event would be very helpful, or maybe even essential, in
convincing the American public of the urgent need for decisive
and bold American worldwide leadership, which is the same as
the Zionist world domination mentioned earlier, and that "policy"
to be implemented through pre-emptive wars of aggression.

But before demonising Islam and Muslims, America should
explain adequately and coherently to the world at least the
following 3 things, among countless others that remain entirely
unexplained by the establishment, regarding what took place
that day:

- how exactly did the 3 towers in New York collapse?
The official version is incompatible with the laws of physics as
they manifest themselves on this planet (see also p.253-254),

- what exactly hit the Pentagon?
Clearly NOT the large passenger plane we are told,

- how was it possible for NORAD to overlook for so long 4 large
passenger planes following highly unusual courses in the most
sensitive part of US airspace?
Only explanation: they were deliberately overlooked.

It is both obvious and irrefutable that the official version of
events CANNOT be true, as anyone spending just half a day
researching these matters on the Internet must accept, which
immediately exposes the US administration, past and present
and no doubt future, as obstructing the facts and the truth.
That we still have to ask questions like these nearly 10 years
after the event is surely overwhelming confirmation of the utter
bankruptcy of those wonderful Judeo-Christian "values".

The ghastly consequence of that colossal fraud known as The War
on Terror is that Muslims are being persecuted and killed around
the world, proving again the accuracy of the late Ayatollah
Khomeini's unsurpassed sound bite description of America:
the Great Satan.

It is relevant to mention here a news story from late 2009:

A radical-fanatical-extremist West Bank rabbi (read: land-
grabbing illegal settler) by the name of Yitzhak Shapira published
a book co-authored by a Yossi Elitzur called The King's Torah in
which he argues the theological case, based of course on the
Torah and Talmud, for justifying Jews killing and eradicating
anyone perceived to be an actual or a potential threat to Israel,
even babies and children who would likely grow up to hate Israel,
and anyone violating any of the commandments in the Torah.
The book and its inherent decree to commit murder and, if
deemed necessary, genocide, is backed by several Israeli rabbis
including Yitzhak Ginsburg and Yaakov Yosef, who have
apparently recommended it to their students.
The similarity with the Nazi superiority complex is painfully
obvious and hugely embarrassing for Judaism.
Was Shapira arrested or even questioned about those grotesque
and obscene utterances?

There is a very disturbing parallel with Christian radical-fanatical-
many American televangelists have used totally outrageous
language in describing Islam, for example Rod Parsley, who has
openly declared (words to the effect) that "part of America's
divine mission is to wage war on and destroy the false religion
of Islam" and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) "was the
mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil".
Was Parsley arrested or even questioned about those grotesque
and obscene utterances?

Just think about it:
what would happen if ANY Muslim, scholar or imam or whatever,
stood up and said anything like that about Jews and Christians,
or about anyone else for that matter, or wrote a book expressing
such sentiments? Extraordinary rendition and secret indefinite
detention without trial, or at the very least immediate arrest and
charges of glorifying terrorism and inciting hatred and violence.
But, conforming to the nauseating hypocrisy of the Judeo-
Christian West, when Jews and Christians and atheists do it,
it is reluctantly and minimally reported and swiftly forgotten,
or completely ignored, and not immediately seized upon as
unacceptable, inflammatory, verbal terrorism and so on.

As regards allegations of threatening or violent or hateful
language in the Quran, no Islamophobe has ever, to the best of
my knowledge, mentioned even the possibility that there may be
similar statements to be found in the holy books of the Jews and
the Christians: the Tanakh and the Bible.

These 2 studies set out to redress that imbalance, proving that
there are masses of such statements, many of them of a
profoundly disturbing nature, and indisputably far more extreme
than anything encountered in the Quran.
Quite apart from being outrageous and offensive, such verses
are incredibly dangerous, because there are fools who take such
nonsense to be a divine promise or command, and cynical
colonisers who go along with the foolish interpretation, so
complementing each other perfectly, to the deceit, detriment,
destitution, destruction and death of all they come into contact

Having long suspected that such sentiments could be found in the
OT and the NT, I was not disappointed, indeed it was surprising,
sometimes frightening, to find how easy it was to prove my case.
Much of the language of the OT and some of the NT is terrifying in
its ferocity and intolerance, echoing Nazi ideology in the wish to
eradicate and exterminate those who are different. Do not take
my word for it - read the 2 studies and prepare to be shocked.

Having initially considered presenting the evidence in the same
way that Islamophobes have treated the Quran for years, namely
by selecting individual verses and presenting them at face value,
out of the proper context and without any relevant background
information, in the end I resisted the temptation to use their own
cheap and dishonest methods, so have to the best of my ability
done the opposite, that is, provided both a context and some
background, frequent cross-referencing etc.

Christian Islamophobes often attempt to discredit Islam and the
Quran by using quotes from their own scriptures as evidence set
if not in concrete then in tablets of stone. These studies
deliberately avoid that tactic, for as will be clearly shown it is a
grave mistake, in particular when you base your assertions on
such incoherent and unreliable texts as the OT and the NT.

It is very significant that for Islam and Muslims to mount a
devastating counter-attack, there is no need to distort any
statement encountered in the OT and the NT, no need for creative
interpretations, no need to resort to contorted and disingenuous
arguments mixed perhaps with personal wishful thinking:
instead, simply let the quotes speak their own loud and clear
language, then add some relevant comments based on common
sense and logic, and the combination must surely be convincing
enough for all but the absolute radical-fanatical-extremist-
fundamentalist Jew or Christian or Zionist or Islamophobe to
realise that Islam and Muslims have nothing to apologise for.

That nobody in the West has compiled anything like this before
for both the OT and the NT should tell decent people everywhere
all they need to know about the motives and intentions of the
contemporary Judeo-Christian world, pretending to be oh-so-
civilised and presenting itself as the model of perfection to be
forced, by itself of course, upon everyone else, so in effect
playing God, usurping the role of the very Creator it claims to
worship and serve, re-engineering the world in its own image,
for its own selfish and entirely materialistic purposes.

And, to the best of my knowledge, surprisingly no Muslim has
until now done studies like these.
May I ask all my Brothers and Sisters: WHY NOT?

The resulting studies are acutely embarrassing for Islamophobes,
whether they are Jewish, Christian, ex-Muslim, atheist or
anything else, in particular for the so-called intellectuals among
them, who might well know most of this already, at least in
outline, but who in their abysmal dishonesty fail to mention any
of it, simply because they are neither interested in facts nor in a
fair and reasonable comparison, for they have an evil agenda to
further, so do all they can to steer the public debate in the
direction they want.
In relation to Islam and subjects like Israel-Palestine, terrorism,
the spread of democracy, immigration, nuclear technology and
weapons of mass destruction, the entire public discourse in the
West has in recent years been, and tragically continues to be,
fundamentally dishonest and unworthy of a civilised society.

That a number of the well-known Islamophobes have stated in
public that they hold Judeo-Christian values, despite maybe
claiming to be atheists, only makes matters much worse,
as we shall see what those "values" are.

All discrepancies noticed in the OT and the NT are mentioned and
listed mainly as proof upon proof that neither one text nor the
other as they exist today can possibly be claimed or believed by
anyone to be either infallible or revealed, whether divinely or not,
or perfectly preserved since transmitted, whenever that may have
As will be demonstrated, both texts are simply chaotic due to the
number of times they directly contradict themselves, and not on
trivial details but on fundamental issues.
That this should be so is quite simply baffling as we know that
entire schools of scribes and scholars worked on these projects,
people who enjoyed great reputations for precision and accuracy,
and to whom it was not only a paid job but also a religious duty,
so would surely do their utmost to transmit the texts faithfully.
And maybe they did just that, but out of respect and reverence
ignored all the obvious errors and contradictions, knowingly
passing them on. If so, it would mean that the original sources
were riddled with inconsistencies.

In several places the 2 studies ask: were there no proofreaders
back in those days? For on a number of occasions we are faced
with mutually exclusive versions of the same event.
If only the writers or re-writers had taken the time and trouble
EITHER to synchronise the 2 versions of a particular story, OR
simply had removed one of them entirely, and it does not matter
which one, THEN the text would, on that point at least, appear
credible, genuine, original, wholesome and (almost) believable.
But they left both versions in and now it is too late for any major
editing, the deadline for that passed around 2000 years ago.
As it is, it presents a sorry spectacle and overwhelming proof that
both texts are incoherent and unreliable, and every discrepancy
found further strengthens Islamic claims that both the Tawrat and
Injeel (=Torah and Gospels to Muslims) as they exist today are

Alternatively, any devout purist of the Ahl al-Kitab (=People of
the Book=Jews and Christians) who claims the texts to be the
literal and living word of God must therefore also honestly,
decently and wholeheartedly accept the consequences, which
can be reduced to one word: devastating.

Should ultra-orthodox Jews and born-again Christians shrug off
the masses of evidence presented here with the simple phrase:
"The ways of the Lord are inscrutable" they will only continue to
live the denial already practised by their respective faiths for
2000 years. But that is not our problem.

The Creator undoubtedly has many different qualities but
ignorance and incompetence are not among them.

There are of course many verses in the Quran which explicitly
state that it is, not only but also, a confirmation of what went
before it: the Tawrat and Injeel - so many Islamophobes and
others would therefore say that all Muslims must embrace those
scriptures as their own, period. YES and NO. We keep an open
mind about these matters and should anything approaching
internally coherent and credible versions ever be shown to us,
we will of course eagerly examine them and give the world our
considered opinion. Please keep this in mind throughout.

The present work is in 4 parts, consisting of this INTRODUCTION,
a revealing and shocking DID YOU KNOW section, plus the 2

The studies neither claim to be exhaustive nor perfect. Although
every verse and every reference has been checked several times,
it is still possible that there are mistakes, which are of course
mine. Should any reader find any, I would appreciate notification
and the correction will appear in the next available edition.

In order to be able to present this information to the general
public sooner rather than later, the first version of the 2 studies
will be limited ones, covering only the first few books of the OT
and the NT but that is more than sufficient to conclusively prove
the case, in particular as those basic books cover precisely the
core "values" of the two faiths.
In the Bible version that has been used, the Easy Read Version
(ERV), see below, as regards the OT, the first five books,
traditionally attributed to Moses, total 172 pages, whereas the full
OT runs to 772, and as for the NT, the first four books, known as
the Gospels, total 110 pages whereas the full NT runs to 245 -
that is, this initial version entails studying just under 300 pages
as opposed to just over 1000.
As the examination requires reading every single verse
thoroughly, and frequently more than once, it will be appreciated
that to do so systematically for the full OT and the full NT is a
daunting task, therefore this "limited edition" first, with maybe a
full version completed and published in time, inshallah, although
in truth all that extra work would probably not prove anything
dramatic not already exposed here.

The 5 Books of Moses will be referred to throughout as the OT5
and the 4 Gospels as the NT4.

In an effort to make the studies more accessible, for the actual
quotes, unless otherwise stated, a recent Bible version has been
used as opposed to, say, the public domain Authorised King
James Version (KJV) from 1611, revised 1769, because its old-
fashioned style of language and grammar is unfamiliar to most
readers today, and I herewith acknowledge my debt to the
organisation who did this modern translation, and include below
an excerpt from the general license agreement, followed by their
standard copyright notice, as requested:

May be quoted for any purpose, up to 1,000 verses, without
written permission. However, the extent of quotation must not
comprise a complete book nor should it amount to more than
50% of the work in which it is quoted. A copyright notice must
appear on the title or copyright page using this pattern:
© 2006 by World Bible Translation Center, Inc.
and used by permission.

An examination will show that these 2 studies comply with all
of the above.

For the record, here the number of verses quoted:
THIS IS JUDAISM ............ 990

Should the reader be interested, the ERV website is
www.wbtc.org where you can download both the Old and
New Testaments that were used for these studies, in a choice
of several languages, but they do not yet offer the last and
final testament: the Quran.

For comparison and control of some of the most important verses,
the KJV is also quoted.

In order to make the studies more readable and straight-to-the-
point, only the most obvious examples are quoted in full text.
There are many more, some of which are referred to by book-
chapter-verse, and the interested reader can find others, left out
here for simplicity and also, in the case of the OT5, to comply
with the 1000-verses-per-work limit.
For the purposes of this restriction, I shall regard this as 2
separate studies, which in truth it is, and which must be
reasonable as each study refers to a separate work by WBTC,
each of those 2 carrying its own license agreement although
published together in 1 volume, precisely as this book.

At a personal level, having browsed both the OT and the NT for
many years but never before read them thoroughly, I must say
to finally do so has been most interesting and time well spent.
And here is a challenge to all Jewish and Christian Islamophobes:

I have now read your books with an open mind -
now will you please read mine.

It is to be hoped that after reading these studies all
Islamophobes, in particular Jewish and Christian ones and those
professing those very Judeo-Christian "values" exposed here,
have realised that their chosen position is a wholly (holy?)
untenable one of nauseating hypocrisy, and we trust that none
of them, nor anybody else, will ever again accuse Islam and
Muslims, Muhammad (pbuh) and the Quran of being dangerous
and barbaric.

A confession and apology would of course be welcome but we can
live without that, and anyway both would come too late for the
hundreds of thousands good and innocent men, women and
children either blown to bits or maimed for life or for ever
deprived of their loved ones, plus millions more made refugees,
all sacrificed on the altar of that idiotic self-inflicted self-fulfilling
self-defeating colossal fraud known as The War on Terror,
imposed on the collective West by International Zionism.
Moloch disguised as Yahweh lives!

However, a radical change in the behaviour of Islamophobes is
not only long overdue but absolutely essential for a civilised
society. The time, resources, energy and enthusiasm they
dedicate to their obnoxious efforts could be much better invested:
before criticising and demonising Islam and Muslims, who
according to my world view have nothing to apologise for,
they should bring their own house in order.
Should they take up that challenge, they will be very busy for a
very long time, and we shall of course monitor their progress.

If this examination of Judaism and Christianity helps in any way
to reduce or reverse the mistrust of Islam and Muslims in general,
and the deliberately distorted image of the Quran and prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him) in particular, then that is
adequate rewards for my efforts.

Allahu alam (=God knows).

Last minute - in October 2010 top Israeli rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who
is also the spiritual leader of the ultra-orthodox Shas party, which
currently has 11 MPs out of 120, plus 4 cabinet posts, stated:

"Goyim (non-Jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they
have no place in the world, only to serve the people of Israel."

Here he is perfectly echoing the Law of Moses.
What more must Zionist Central Command say and do before
the world wakes up and starts fighting back?

(next excerpt: Did You Know)

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