10 April 2011

Press Release

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ENOUGH! Islamophobia

By Ibraheem


Through a comprehensive examination of the Torah and the Gospels,
Danish author Ibraheem delivers a provocative book not only repudiating
the Judeo-Christian doctrines that permeate Western civilization, but also
espousing a non-violent Jihad.

Between what Ibraheem terms the colossal fraud known as "the war on
terror" and the most urgent and tragic modern political crisis, the on-going
dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, Muslims have probably never
faced greater persecution for their faith than in the twenty-first century.

Considering the scriptures that form the foundations of the very doctrines
which support Judeo-Christian values, is such intolerance justifiable?
Through a comprehensive study of both the Torah and the Gospels,
ENOUGH! Islamophobia provides an astute and compelling counter-attack
to the escalating injustices that Islam and Muslims are incessantly
subjected to. Drawing upon nearly 1000 verses from the Torah and over
350 from the Gospels, Ibraheem delivers a methodical and rational
examination of the central books of Judaism and Christianity.

Quoting directly from the holy books of Judaism and Christianity, the author
conveys a rousing two-fold criticism of these mainstream faiths supported
by extensive cross-referencing. Ibraheem’s impassioned writing in
ENOUGH! Islamophobia aims to not only initiate a complete reappraisal of
Judeo-Christian doctrines, but also instigate a public debate on whether
such seemingly intolerant systems of thought should be allowed to operate
freely in a civilized world.

Islamophobia is a rapidly growing global issue that must be resolved and
Ibraheem’s extensive examination of the antagonistic religions holds the

On account of his lucid approach to such a complex and controversial
subject, Ibraheem’s radical study promotes a complete re-evaluation of the
Islamic faith and thereby indirectly its acceptance in Western civilization.

About the Author:
Ibraheem is Danish, a convert to Islam, and a former freelance computer
systems analyst and programmer, a background that makes him well
equipped for analytical work in other fields. After many years in IT,
Ibraheem retired in order to concentrate on creative writing, poetry in
particular. While ENOUGH! Islamophobia is his first published book he has
already planned a second volume and his poems are being prepared for
Ibraheem currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.
For more information on ENOUGH! Islamophobia visit www.books.ibraheem.dk
and for Ibraheem’s poetry go to www.poems.ibraheem.dk

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