01 January 2025

ENOUGH! Islamophobia

UPDATE 22 November 2016:

My book is now a free PDF download so there is no excuse, here you go >

After years of Islamophobia, here is the devastating counter-attack.

My first book - buy it, read it, digest it, USE IT!

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Title: ENOUGH! Islamophobia
International reference number:
ISBN 978-1-4567-7190-4
Should you need the ISBN without hyphens/dashes: 9781456771904

Format: standard 6x9 inch/15x23 cms, paperback, black and white,
412 pages, text only, no illustrations, net weight 575 gms/1lb4oz.


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(interviews, personal appearances etc)
should be directed to info@IBRAHEEM.dk


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Anonymous said...

We are not afraid of Islam.
we afraid of TERROR.

I am not saying that all the muslims are terrorists, i'm just saying that most of the terrorists are muslims...

Live and let live .

Anonymous said...

You are talking so much about Israel and their crimes. that's kind of funny :
1. Arabs has 22 coutries (Only one coutry to the jews...)
2. Arabs control the oil
3. Arabs support terror (first - it was against ISrael, then the States, Europe is next....trust me...)

And here are 3 facts for you and your readers:
1. Arabic is a FORMAL language (by law) in Israel. is Hebrew formal language in any of the 22 Arab countries ? yeah....right...
2. Many Arabs live in Israel . the do NOT want to move to any other arab country or even to be under the Palastinian authorities . Do you know why ? because of the FREEDOM and the DEMOCRACY in Israel.
3. There are a few ARAB parties in Israel's politics . are there any Jewish/Israeli parties in any of the other Arab countries ?

Feel free to ignore or delete my comments. some ppl really hate the truth.

Afrah said...

dont' understand a wrong thing, who told u there is a country which belongs to israel, it is arab country, and soon will be kicked Israel out of middle east.
hehehehe,israel is minority and no more long will be in whole of middle east.

by Ms. Afrah

winlin said...

i would like to answer the anonymous one,
actually i don't know should I laugh or cry from his/her questions and "facts",
1. Arabic is a FORMAL language (by law) in Israel.
arabic was spoken by palestinian before israelians came from poland russia europ ... to occupy Palestine, so don't consider that as a favor from israel.

2. Many Arabs live in Israel..
A: OMG this is a stupid fact, I really wonder do you have a brain or something else in your head???
there was OnlY arab living in the occupied Palestine which you call it "Israel",
Israel killed millions and kicked out millions and the only survived people are suffering from destroying thier houses .
do you know that there are more than 9 millions of fugitives are living in Lebanon , Syria Jordan and Palestine territory?? and israel doesn't allow them to come to thier home ??? what a democracy ??.

3. There are a few ARAB parties in Israil..
A: there are 1 million of arab people are living in thier land on the occupied Palestine "Israel", I think they have the right to have a voice on their land to make their life less suck.
there are Jew in the Moroccan Parlaman , there is also a Jewish royal counsel.

Peace be upon those who follow true guidance

Yemen said...

so wonderful is this book available in Yemen ???

Abdulqadir said...

Masha Allah.

Abdulqadir said...

How i download it

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