21 February 2011

How "ENOUGH! Islamophobia" works


This section is to demonstrate by actual examples the way the book
makes its arguments.

You can either select the examples individually or scroll down and select
label "examples" and the whole section will be presented in one
sequential stream.

A verse or a sequence of verses is selected and immediately commented
on, the reader will therefore not have to look up anything in other books
- it is all clearly presented.
A total of around 1350 verses are quoted and analysed, almost 1000 for
the 5 Books of Moses and just over 350 for the 4 Gospels.

Should the reader be interested, both the Old and New Testaments that
were used for these studies can be downloaded free at www.wbtc.org.

All text in italics are Bible quotes, my comments are in plain text, and
bold is my emphasis.

As will be shown, there are no idle claims, all conclusions are based on
method and logic, and I challenge anyone, including chief rabbis and the
pope, to prove a single claim wrong.
Extensive cross-referencing is used to support arguments made.

The examples are presented exactly as in the book except that page
numbers have been removed for clarity.

These currently 6 examples represent approx 11 pages of excerpts.


Unless otherwise stated, all Bible quotes are
© 2006 by World Bible Translation Center, Inc.
and used by permission

Remaining Bible quotes are taken from
The Authorised King James Version (public domain)

Quran quotes are taken from
The Noble Quran © 1996 Maktaba Dar-us-Salam, Riyadh, KSA


For this section I have selected a few of the more startling findings,
which are highlighted in the 4 page Foreword, namely:


> that all Arabs are not only Semitic, which we knew already,
but also Hebrew, probably as difficult to comprehend and accept
for the reader as for the writer, but the evidence is clear so the
conclusion is inevitable and indisputable.

(for the proof see Example J1)

> that Judaism explicitly forbids humans re-establishing Israel.
We found no less than 84 verses in the Five Books of Moses which
all tell the same story, and not one single verse contradicting it.
The consequences are clear: Zionist colonisers OUT of Palestine.

(for the proof see Example J2)

> that Judaism commands human sacrifice, to the God of Israel
Yahweh, who thereby indisputably is revealed to be the Jewish
equivalent of the Canaanite's Moloch, who is repeatedly and
absolutely condemned in the Law of Moses not only as a horrible
monster but also as a false god. It takes one to know one...
You may have to read that again, and slowly, but it is a sad
and dreadful undeniable fact of Judaism, until now generally
regarded as a dignified and noble religion. But truth will out.

(for the proof see Example J3)


> that Jesus forfeits his own right to eternal life, for he states
that in order to have eternal life we must obey the Law of Moses,
which he breaks himself repeatedly. Most amusing.

(for the proof see Example C1)

> that, although denied by Muslims, Jesus DOES claim to be the
son of God for we found no less than 31 verses in the 4 Gospels
that confirm it, and there are many more waiting to be listed.

(for the proof see Example C2)

> that Jesus wishes you a horrible death for no other reason than
rejecting his message, namely that you may perish in a holocaust
worse than the one inflicted upon Sodom and Gomorrah.
So much for the Prince of Peace. Lies, all lies.

(for the proof see Example C3)


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